Holiday Specials

“Pamper Me Santa”

 $155 ($210 value) includes:

  • “Champagne Breeze” Hydro Tub Bathing Ritual
  • Winter Warm-Up Massage w/Enhanced Hot Stones
  • “All is Bright” Mini-Organic Facial (45 minutes)

Approx. 2.25 hrs. 

“Mistletoe Kiss”

 $195 ($270 value) includes:

  • “Honey/Lavender” Hyrdo Tub Bathing Ritual
  • “Hot Ginger Cocoa Manicure & Pedicure
  • “Winter Nourishment” Mini-Organic Facial (45 minutes)
  • Full Session Swedish Massage

Approx. 3 hrs.

“All I Want For Christmas”

$235 ($310 value) includes:

  • “Crème/Brulee” Hydro Tub Bathing Ritual
  • “Perky Peppermint” Pedicure
  • Deep Pore Organic Facial
  • Deluxe 80 Minute Swedish Massage

Approx. 4 hrs.

 “My Spa Time”

$240 ($375 value)

  • Your Choice of 3 Full Session Swedish Massages and 3 Hydro Bathing Rituals


  • 3 Eminence Organic Facials and 3 Hydro Bathing Rituals

“12 Treatments for Christmas”

$2500 ($3500 value)

  • Platinum Club 1 Year Membership (includes benefits)


  • 12 Hydro Tub Bathing Rituals
  • 12 Full Session Massages of your Choice
  • 12 Eminence 60 Minute Organic Facials
  • 12 Manicure & Pedicures


Member’s Holiday Gift Card Special

For every $100 gift card purchased at Dubunne Spa, DuBunné Club Members get a FREE $20 Gift Coupon, to be used at a later date! Come on in to Dubunne and purchase your gift cards to receive this FREE gift card.THANK YOU for being such a loyal customer to DuBunné!

Mani-Pedi Combo: Hot Ginger Cocoa

This Holiday spirit-inducing manicure-pedicure begins with a whole milk and cocoa Butter Brulee soak Afterwards, we’ll smooth away the rough spots on your feet and bring a soft, silky feel to your hands. We trim and shape your nails and cuticles and finish with a light milk massage of a warm, ginger-scented lotion. Choose our Vegan Butter London Polish, should you desire. This combo is sure to stir your sole & leave you marshmallow soft!

Approx. 1 hr. $50 ($70 value)