Gourmet Bath Soaks

Ahh… Our hydrotherapy tubs have jets designed to improve circulation and rejuvenate a stiff sore body. Organic gourmet bath soaks are not only an attitude adjustment but also have therapeutic benefits. Before entering the tub, your personal Bath Butler will offer you a choice of three custom-blended organic Gourmet bath bombs.

20 Minutes

Single Hydro Tub $35 with service / $40 without service /platinum club price $28
Hydro Tub for Two $90


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Ofuro Tub Soaks

Soaking in hot water is not a new concept. Originating in Japan, the Ofuro Tub Soak is a time for quiet thought and reflection. Our Ofuro Tubs are in an outdoor,private,tropical-inspired pavilion there are no harsh chemicals or chlorine used. Individually we draw and sanitize each tub for you and if you choose to share this experience with a friend there are two side-by-side Ofruo Tubs.

Before you soak choose from three Organic Salts to enhance your Ofuro Tub Soak: Lavender,Muscle Soak or Harmony.

20 minutes

Club Members
–Complimentary Ofuro Tub with any service of $50 or more

Non-Club Members
-$10 per person with any service of $50 or more
-$40 per person without any service


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