Gourmet Bath Soaks

Ahh… Our hydrotherapy tubs have jets designed to improve circulation and rejuvenate a stiff sore body. Organic gourmet bath soaks are not only an attitude adjustment but also have therapeutic benefits. Before entering the tub, your personal Bath Butler will offer you a choice of three custom-blended organic Gourmet Soaks.

Choose From:

Lavender and Hibiscus
This custom blend includes organic lemon myrtle, lavender, hibiscus, rose petals and Pink Himalayan salts scented with lavender oil.

Green Tea and Marigold
Made with organic green tea, marigold blossoms, white tea, mango, Pink Himalayan salts scented with green tea and cucumber oils.

Rose Petal Milk Soak
Rose Petals, Coconut milk, Chicory Root, sea salt and sweet almond oil work in conjunction to soothe upset skin and reduce inflammation and swelling.
20 Minutes

Single Hydro Tub $35 with service / $40 without service /platinum club price $28
Hydro Tub for Two $90


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Ofuro Tub Soaks

Soaking in hot water is not a new concept. Originating in Japan, the Ofuro Tub Soak is a time for quiet thought and reflection. Our Ofuro Tubs are in an outdoor,private,tropical-inspired pavilion there are no harsh chemicals or chlorine used. Individually we draw and sanitize each tub for you and if you choose to share this experience with a friend there are two side-by-side Ofruo Tubs.

Before you soak choose from three Organic Salts to enhance your Ofuro Tub Soak: Lavender,Muscle Soak or Harmony.

20 minutes

Club Members
–Complimentary Ofuro Tub with any service of $50 or more

Non-Club Members
-$10 per person with any service of $50 or more
-$40 per person without any service


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