How to Care for Your Skin After a Facial

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Facials are awesome tools in your skincare regimen to help bring out your skin’s natural beauty. Properly caring for your skin after a facial is critically important to achieving the best results. Let’s take a look at some things you should and shouldn’t be doing after your appointment to make sure you’re getting the most out of your facial.

Drink Plenty of Water
The most effective way to keep your skin hydrated is from the inside out. In addition to keeping skin soft and supple, drinking enough water helps your body flush out toxins to help keep your complexion clear.

Avoid Makeup, Temporarily
If you experience any redness after your facial from exfoliation or extractions you may be tempted to reach for your makeup bag to cover it up. Try to avoid any makeup for a day or so. Your skin is sensitive and pores are still open, so applying makeup now could potentially lead to further irritation or breakouts. It’s best to wait at least a day if you can. When you do apply makeup again be sure to clean all your brushes and replace sponges first.

Stay Out of the Sun
Your freshly scrubbed face is ultra-sensitive to UV rays post-facial and can easily burn. So, it’s best to stay out of the sun for several days. If you must be out, wear a wide-brimmed hat for at least the first few days. After that, apply a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher before going out.

Don’t Resume Your Skincare Regimen Too Soon
Ask your esthetician when you can resume your regular skincare routine. You shouldn’t need to wash your face at all for at least 24 hours, and some of your products shouldn’t be used for 2-3 days following your appointment. So be sure to tell them about all the products you use so they can personalize their recommendations for the best results.

Don’t Skip the Moisturizer
One mistake people often make is skipping their moisturizer. Your skin feels so soft and smooth you may not think you need it, but even oily skin needs a daily moisturizer. Use a lightweight fragrance-free moisturizer formulated for your skin type every time you wash your face.

Postpone Hair Removal Procedures
The rule of thumb is to wait at least 1 week after a facial before having any hair removal treatments. Having hair removal procedures too soon could cause irritation or even damage your skin, so play it safe and wait. If you can’t wait, be sure and get your esthetician’s approval first.

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