CBD at DuBunne

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Hemp oil n a glass jar

DuBunne is excited to announce with this month’s specials that we are now offering CBD aka “cannabliss” to our massages,facials and nail treatments should you choose. And NO there is no THC, it does not go into your blood stream and you do not get high and yes it is legal. We have been using it for a few months and our clients have enjoyed it plus noticed amazing results so we feel confident in providing this to everyone. We believe in wellness and making you all feel better so we are happy to share.

Some reasons why CBD is good for your health and body it helps with inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, it relieves anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, helps calm an over active immune system and most importantly relieves PAIN!

We loved this article in Elle explaining the benefits of CBD as well as the difference between CBD and THC. Plus the brand that we are using Apothecanna is mentioned. Click here to read more.