Choose Pink Salt Instead

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From ancient times onward people have known that bathing in warm salt water can cure any number of things that ail us. Whether it was a particular skin irritation or sore muscles, or maybe even a tired spirit, warm salt water seemed to do the trick. Today we have scientific research to back up what we’ve always known, and we’re even able to track down particular types of salts that are the most effective. This is where Himalayan pink salt makes its entrance.

When we talk about ancient times, we’re only scratching the surface of pink salt’s existence. Himalayan crystal salt comes from one of the richest salt fields on the planet in mines up to 5,000 feet deep. But the truly astonishing part of this story is that these salt fields were laid down during the Precambrian Age, literally billions of years ago. They may contain the dried remnants of the original, primal sea that first formed on the planet. It’s over 99% pure NaCl, or sodium chloride, and may contain as many as 84 additional trace minerals. And it really is pink!

Salt in any form is a good performer when it comes to maintaining your health, but pink salt, with its rich mineral content, goes a step further. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Breathing in the warm, damp salt-laden air can improve the functioning of the respiratory system. And soaking in a pink salt bath helps your body absorb those extra minerals – calcium, copper, iron, zinc – right through your skin. At the same time, it will also help pull toxins out of your body through a process known as reverse osmosis. The anti-inflammatory properties will ease stiff joints and sore muscles while calming the inflammation that often accompanies them.

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