Emergency Manicure Repairs You Can Do Today

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Manicure emergencies happen every day. They aren’t that hard to deal with when you can just pop in to see your manicurist for a touchup. But what do you do when you can’t get professional help? Here are some emergency manicure repairs you can do today to get your nails looking great again until your next appointment.

Ragged Edges
The best way to fix ragged nail edges is by filing them. Use a fine nail file to smooth and reshape the edge of your nail. File in only one direction with long smooth strokes. Square corners are more likely to snag and break or tear, so go for a more rounded shape instead. This will last longer and not need to be touched up as often. Apply a fresh coat of polish and wrap around the edge to protect it.

Chipped or Lifted Polish
If your polish has lifted, use a cuticle clipper to carefully clip away only the lifted section. The process from here is the same for both issues. Using a nail buffer, file down the edges between the remaining polish and your nail to create a smooth, even surface. Clean the nail and apply a base coat to the area of the bare nail. Then apply a coat of similar color polish and topcoat, making sure to allow the polish to dry completely between coats.

Hiding a Fill Line
There are a couple of ways you can hide a fill line. You can build up layers of basecoat in the gap and then buff to a smooth finish before applying a fresh coat of polish. However, this is time-consuming because you have to let each layer dry completely before applying the next. And it will take multiple layers. The easiest fix is to simply dab a glitter nail polish at the base. Come up the nail about halfway with the glitter applying lighter as you go for an ombre look. Apply a top coat and your nails will be as good as new.

Dry Flaky Hands
Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tsp coconut oil and 1 tsp lemon juice. You can adjust the texture by adding more sugar or lemon juice until it looks like a thick hand cream. Apply to your hands and massage gently, avoiding the nails, for about 1 minute. Wash off and apply your favorite hand cream.

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