Fall & Winter are Perfect Months for a Chemical Peel

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Spa facial mask application. Spa beauty organic facial mask application at day spa salon.

Summer can be hard on your skin, especially your face. If you’re already prone to acne, suffer from uneven skin tone, or just want to have younger-looking skin, planning a chemical peel during fall and winter are optimal times to schedule your appointment for treatment.

Common reasons for choosing chemical peels are for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the clarity of your skin, and giving your skin a smoother texture for younger-looking skin.

Here are the benefits to improving your complexion with a chemical peel in the cooler months:

Whether you choose a superficial, medium, or deep treatment, a chemical peel addresses skin concerns like pigment changes, mild sun damage, acne, mild to extensive wrinkles, and age spots. Scheduling this treatment in the fall and winter allows for less UV exposure. Too much UV exposure can sometimes interfere with the healing process and can leave your skin less protected, so getting a chemical peel when there are lower UV levels is best.

Patients that receive a series of peels, spaced a month or more apart, can complete the entire set of treatments during the fall and winter without have to deal with high sun exposure. Although sunscreen should still be applied daily, the chance of damage is significantly less in the winter months.

As it gets colder outside, people find it easier to take time indoors to recuperate without the added pressure of summer fun, vacations, beach trips, and other outdoor activities.

Typically, we step up our moisturizing routine in the fall and winter due to the dryness of the season. Skin that has been treated with a chemical peel is more responsive to absorb skincare products, especially those with vital nutrients and antioxidants.

All of our peels are customized to your individual needs. We offer a confidential consultation to assess your specific needs. In some cases, the peel can be done in combination with other treatments such as LED light therapy to give your skin a healthy glow.

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