Get Healthier – Get A Massage

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Young woman enjoying a back massage at a spa centre.

Mention the word “massage” to a room full of people, and the thought bubbles that appear above their heads will most likely contain images that could decorate the pages of Arabian Nights – indulgence, opulence, and a lot of discretionary cash to spend. But really, massage is becoming widely recognized as one of the best tools to have in your wellness arsenal, and contrary to popular opinion, it’s really not an expensive option. It’s not all about pampering; it’s about becoming and staying healthy.

Earlier this year, the Western medical establishment acknowledged that massage is at least as effective as pharmaceutical therapies in treating some chronic pain conditions. But the Mayo Clinic also reports that it can have even more wide-ranging effects, and it is moving from being a complementary therapy to becoming a first-line approach to any number of conditions.

The primary focus of any massage treatment is to relieve tense muscle fibers, but in doing so you’re also promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage. Increased circulation means that more life-giving oxygen is reaching your cells, and that their waste products and toxins are more easily removed. Your lymphatic system is one of your body’s natural defense mechanisms. It acts as a filter to prevent unwanted substances from entering your blood stream, and massage helps it perform these functions more efficiently.

Everybody understands that massage can be used to relieve issues such as stress, headaches, sports injuries and sore muscles, but it is also effective in treating conditions such as fibromyalgia and digestive disorders. It can also be used to add support to treatments for other conditions and diseases, and has been shown to reduce or even eliminate the discomfort and stress that arises from some cancer treatments. In these cases, it’s best to consult with a physician in order to form a plan that will best address any specific issues.

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