The Health Benefits of Bathing

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Young woman take bubble  bath.

Bathing in a tub, isn’t just for the kids. Not only is bathing relaxing, it also provides health benefits. Adults should enjoy a good soak in a tub frequently, and we’ll tell you why.

Improves Blood Circulation
Fill up the tub and immerse yourself in warm water. Bathing will help to increase the blood circulating to your body limbs, which reduces blood pressure and improves heart function. It also helps to nourish damaged cells at your extremities.

Reduces Muscle Tension and Pain
Bathing in warm water can reduce tension in your muscles as well as allow them to heal from the relaxation. If the water temperature is equivalent to that of a “hot pack”, it increases the temperature of your muscles, thus blocking pain sensors which will relieve pain.

Boosts Your Immune System
You can produce extra infection fighting immune cells with a regular cold shower. This simulates your vascular and lymph system which produce the extra immune cells.

If you’re experiencing cold symptoms, you can alleviate some by taking a steamy bath. The steam will clear out your nasal passages, reducing inflammation. And, by elevating your body temperature, it’s also been proven to help fight off infections.

Skin Health
Bathing regularly helps your skin look healthier and can reduce the signs of aging. It opens pores, removes toxins and your left with smoother, softer and beautiful skin.

Soaking in a warm bath has been proven to reduce stress and improve a person’s mood. The combination of the warmth, horizontal position, comfort and isolation causes us to leave in a relaxed, happy and optimistic mood.

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