Hottest Nail Colors of the Season

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Stylish trendy female manicure.

Fashion stops for nothing. So even though some of your plans for the summer may be on hold, that’s no reason to skimp on style, including your nails. You can enjoy beautiful nails whether you are at the office, at the beach, or at home. Here are some of the hottest nature inspired nail colors of the season to inspire you as you choose a color for your summer manicure.

Bright White
The best color to accentuate a sunkissed summer complexion is bright white. It’s a neutral color that starkly contrasts a golden tan, giving it the illusion of being even deeper than it is. A bright white manicure will really help you show off that summer glow.

Glittering Coral
Bring a bit of the beach to you with glittering coral nails. The glitter mimics the sun glinting on the water, while the coral gives you a pop of color that you would see snorkeling along the reef.

Sunset Orange
Missing those sunset walks on the beach? Shimmering tangerines fading into a sunny yellow ombre capture the beauty of a summer sunset right on your fingertips.

Minty Seafoam
You’ll almost smell the salty spray every time you look at this color. Add foamy white tips to intensify the effect.

Periwinkle Blue
Get the feeling of a cloudless sky with a brilliant periwinkle blue. This color is so fun and refreshing.

The wonderfully talented manicurists at DuBunnè Spa Club & Massage Centre would love to help you try one of these nature inspired nail colors or create a custom look just for you. Let us pamper you with a fun pop of color that will travel with you throughout the day to boost your confidence and your mood. Give us a call at 310.326.9062 to book your summer manicure today. You can find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on the go.