In The Mood For Fall

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Even though we live in the land of nearly year-round summer, you can still tell when fall rolls around each year. The light is different and the mood changes, and it’s a great time to switch up your nail colors, too. Here’s a peek at the colors you’ll be seeing on well groomed nails everywhere as we edge our way closer to the holidays.

Red nails are always in style, but give them a bit of a make over this fall by adding some smoke to the tone. It takes the bright edge off your summer reds, but it keeps the classic look going strong. Take it even darker if you like with a true burgundy shade, or tip toe along the boundary line between red and brown with a shade that looks a bit like freshly roasted coffee beans.

Neutrals are also another good option, and this fall you can try on something from the nude range that will elongate your fingers and work with any outfit you can create. For something with a bit more color, look toward the soft caramels or black tea with milk shades. They’ll warm up your manicure while not demanding center stage. And you’ll be seeing more greige as a neutral this season too. It’s a modern take on a tried-and-true manicure staple.

To really get into the mood for shorter days and longer nights, think about opting for a dark and brooding color like deep eggplant, dark evergreen or charcoal grey. If these seem a bit too dark for you, add a bit of metallic sparkle with an iridescent indigo or some opalescent glow with a stormy blue-grey. You’ll still channel the season but won’t take it all too seriously.

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