Is Microdermabrasion The Answer?

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It’s happened to all of us. You look in the mirror and you know that something isn’t quite right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it either. For some reason your skin just doesn’t look as good as it could be no matter how well you think you’re caring for it or how many expensive skincare products you buy. Maybe it’s time to bring out the big guns, and microdermabrasion is an excellent place to start.

Some people know that they have issues with their skin that are good candidates for more intensive skincare treatments. Issues such as acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, clogged pores and fine lines all respond very well to microdermabrasion services. But just about anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin and reduce the early signs of aging is also an excellent candidate. It’s the logical first step into the realm of intensive skincare services.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive process that mechanically exfoliates the uppermost layer of dead skin cells and encourages your body to produce fresh, new cells to take their place. It’s not a chemical peel; rather it uses a buffing and polishing process that’s quick and virtually painless. Tiny crystals move over your skin and lift off the dead cells at the surface. Then your body gets busy replacing them with new cells that bring back the glow. The results can be so dramatic that some clients even refer to it as a half-hour face-lift. It’s a very safe process, too, as long as you’re using a well-trained professional.

There’s a fantastic team of licensed cosmetologists as well as a full menu of skincare services here at the DuBunné Spa Club & Massage Centre. This combination of services and know-how is a one-two punch that will help you get the fresh, glowing skin you’re hoping to see every time you look in the mirror. Find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062. Pure, warm water is the best way to get and stay healthy all year long. Prefer to instantly make your own appointment? Download our free mobile app available from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.