Lighten Up Your Life This Spring

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Free happy woman on beach

It was a long, crazy winter this year, even here in SoCal, and now it’s time to shake it off and head boldly into spring. The best way to do it is to get rid of some of that dead weight you’ve been carrying. No, we’re not talking about going on a diet, though adopting a healthier meal plan can definitely help in this department, too. We’re talking about simple ways to bust some stress just in time for the change of seasons. Not only will you feel better, you’ll look better and have a much sunnier outlook, too.

Sunlight is a natural endorphin channel. Open up your curtains at home, and if you have heavy drapes, consider getting some lighter weight ones instead. They’ll look breezy and carefree, and encourage you to be that way, too. Another great way to get more sunshine into your life is to simply go outside. Go for a picnic at the beach or a drive through the canyon, but get some sun! While you’re at it, wear something spring-y like new sneakers or a flowery top.

Lighten up inside by cleaning out your closet. Donate still-good clothing that you never use anymore, or bring high-end items to a consignment store to earn some extra cash. Clean out your refrigerator and invest in some new condiments – exactly how long ago did you buy that mustard anyway? Pick up a small pot of flowers or herbs that will brighten up a windowsill or your front step.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some TLC, too. Go to a farmer’s market and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables to make an honest-to-goodness home cooked meal for yourself. Get some exercise – moving your body and stretching muscles will release even more endorphins for your springtime high.

And of course, come to the DuBunné Spa Club & Massage Centre and choose from our range of therapeutic and beauty services to help you complete the process. We also offer two levels of membership to help you make a commitment to getting and staying lightened up for spring. You can find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062 to schedule your personalized treatment. Prefer to instantly make your own appointment? Download our free mobile app available from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.