The Many Possibilities of Peels

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If you have acne, uneven skin tone, or are looking for something that will help your skin look younger looking, chemical peels may be the perfect solution for you. A chemical peel is a skin refining process that provides a flexible way for your esthetician to help resolve a variety of skin issues, such as:

Acne. Both men and women can experience acne issues at almost any age. If you have acne or acne scars, you’ve probably tried all the over-the-counter creams, face washes, and cleansing pads, but have found no relief. There are a variety of chemical peels that treat acne, ranging from gentle to strong. Your esthetician can assess your acne situation and determine which peel will be most effective for your skin’s needs.

Anti-aging. When we are young, our skin has a remarkable capacity to rejuvenate itself, regularly replacing dead skin cells and producing collagen, the protein that makes our skin elastic and young-looking. As we age, these natural processes slow down, eventually leading to tiny lines and wrinkles. Peels work by removing the outer layer of dull skin cells and replacing them with fresh, new cells, stimulating this rejuvenation process. Peels also infuse the skin with ingredients that help your skin build collagen, reducing fine lines.

Uneven tone. In some cases, pigments on the face are uneven, causing dark patches and an uneven skin tone that is difficult to hide under makeup. Chemical peels are the best way to even things out and keep dark patches under control.

Large, visible pores. Skin peels will firm up your skin’s surface, making those larger pores less noticeable.

Skin that has been treated with a chemical peel is also more receptive to absorbing skincare products with vital nutrients and antioxidants that keep skin healthy looking, soft, and firm.

Every skin peel is customized, so the first step is a consultation with your esthetician to assess the individual needs of your skin. In some cases, the peel can be done with other treatments such as LED light therapy to give your skin a healthy glow.

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