Massage Demystified

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If you’re like most of the rest of the world, when you look at a massage services menu you might as well be looking at a selection dartboard. Stand back, close one eye, and let fly – where you land is what you’ll get. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is some background on the three most popular types of bodywork so that you can make a better choice for your next appointment.

One of the most popular forms of massage therapy is Swedish massage. Practitioners use long, smooth strokes coupled with kneading and circular movements on the uppermost layers of muscle. They’ll also use some sort of lotion or oil to reduce friction and make the movements easier. This is what pops into most peoples’ minds when they think about massage therapy, but there are many more from which to choose.

Deep tissue massage is just what its name implies. It focuses on the deeper layers of your muscles and the connective tissues between them. The therapist uses slower strokes and other techniques, and generally works across the grain of your muscles to loosen them. This is a great option for chronically tight or painful areas, or if you’re recovering from an injury. Because the focus is so deep into your muscle tissue, you may feel a bit of soreness for a day or two afterwards.

The final contestant in our Massage Big Three list is Shiatsu. As you can probably guess from the name, it originates in Japan. The practitioner uses individual finger pressure along a sequence of acupuncture meridians. The idea is to help improve the flow of energy throughout the body and get it back into balance. Newcomers to shiatsu are often surprised because it offers a beguiling combination of firm pressure and relaxation with virtually no soreness afterwards.

With a number of add-on services, such as hot stone and aromatherapy, your massage options here at are virtually limitless here at DuBunné Spa Club and Massage Centre. We can help you pick out the service that’s perfect for you. Find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062. Prefer to instantly schedule your own perfect appointment? Simply download our free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.