Need To Relax? Cannabliss Is Your Answer

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Bathing woman relaxing in bath smiling relaxing with eyes closed. Multicultural Asian / Caucasian young woman in bathtub.

We know there is nothing better than a massage when you feel stressed or sore. But when you get frequent massages, you may want to change things up. Ever wished you could kick your regular massage up a notch for an ultra-relaxing experience? You can! The answer lies in cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil. CBD oil has been trending on social media for its amazing health benefits. Read on to discover what CBD oil can do for you.

If you follow our Instagram, you may have seen a few recent posts advertising CBD oil “Cannabliss” massages and CBD-infused bath bombs. We know what you’re thinking, and no, CBD will not get you high. The psychoactive, “recreational” part of the cannabis plant is called THC. THC is not found in CBD products. CBD is considered to be the “medical” part of the cannabis plant. CBD is legal, safe and has documented health benefits — without being mind-altering in any way. That’s why it’s becoming a popular ingredient in lotions, moisturizers and serums.

So why is CBD oil an increasingly popular component of baths and massages? The oil is usually applied topically to the skin. It soothes achy, sore muscles and promotes relaxation. In fact, the first CBD products on the market were used to treat arthritis and muscle cramps. The anti-inflammatory components soothe your skin and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. It can even reduce anxiety. So whether you’re an athlete, you work a physically demanding job or you just want to relax, a Cannabliss massage or bath bomb might do the trick for you!

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