Ofuro – So Much More Than A Hot Tub

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Given the number of volcanoes found in Japan, it’s no wonder that the Japanese discovered the curative effects of soaking in hot water long ago. While the original baths were built around naturally occurring hot springs and took the name onsen, over time the Japanese began to incorporate the same soothing principles of a simple, naturally beautiful setting and hot water into their manmade bathing options as well. Today there are thousands of bathing facilities spread all throughout the country, and nearly every Japanese home includes some sort of ofuro, or deep tub, for hot water bathing reminiscent of an onsen.

While onsen do have some sort of flow, either naturally occurring or as part of a filtration and heating system, the water is generally still. It’s quiet, and the hot water combined with the stillness and surrounding beauty make for a holistic Zen experience that encourages a relaxed, meditative state of mind.

The mineral content of the water also seems to play a part in promoting good health. Balneology, or the practice of treating ailments through the act of bathing, has been practiced for centuries in Europe and the Middle East as well as in Japan. While specific connections have not yet been proven by research, many people report relief from a range of health issues from arthritis to fibromyalgia. If nothing else, hot water soaks certainly do aid in stress relief – researchers from Japan found a link between frequent onsen use and lowered blood pressure.

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