Why A Spa Package Is Just Better

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Keep calm and have a Spa day

Anyone over the age of 12 understands the restorative qualities of warm water and human touch. Whether the need is to soothe aching muscles or quiet the soul, both of these rituals are fantastic, pharmaceutical-free ways to help you instantly look and feel better. And that’s exactly why bundling them together into a spa package is the best way to get the most from your investment both in terms of your time as well as your dollars.

Total body treatments are truly holistic – they focus on your entire body all at the same time. While bundled services let you pay special attention specific preferences, needs and issues, the overarching goal is a full-body experience that restores balance to both body and mind in a single appointment.

The specific health benefits of body services are wide-ranging but include things such as stimulating collagen production in the skin while exfoliating and encouraging skin cell renewal. The subsequent increase in circulation also boosts the removal of toxins and impurities from the skin and muscles while aiding in the metabolism of fat cells. And not least of all is the fact that body treatments are plain old relaxing, and relaxation is a fundamental component of good overall health.

In financial terms, opting for a spa package will save you money. Bundling services into a single appointment will often cost up to 20% less than purchasing those services individually. A good spa will have a range of combinations from which to choose, and spa technicians will personalize those services still further to meet your body’s individual needs. Your body will enjoy full on pampering treatments while your wallet smiles all the way to the bank. This is the intersection of where your body and your mind can truly relax.

Here at DuBunné Spa Club and Massage Centre we offer a wide range of individual as well as bundled spa and bathing services. And our staff of highly trained massage therapists, aestheticians and nail technicians are ready to meet all of your relaxation and beauty needs. You can find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062. Prefer to instantly schedule your own perfect appointment? Simply download our free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.