Staying Healthy With Hydrotherapy

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Beautiful woman on a spa day, hydrotherapy

There’s a Slovakian proverb that says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine,” and there is mounting scientific evidence that shows just how true that statement really is. Bathing rituals of all sorts have been a wellness mainstay throughout history across any number of cultures, and modern Western medicine is beginning to understand just how powerful they can be in helping to promote and maintain health and well being.

Soaking in warm water does more than simply make you say, “Ahhhh.” The temperature helps promote circulation, delivering life-giving oxygen to your cells while whisking away toxins and waste products. The warmth can also ease muscle aches and joint pains that are the result of injury, overuse or illness, and it can also aid in opening up nasal passages allowing you to take in more of that rejuvenating oxygen more easily.

But let’s not forget that saying, “Ahhhh” when you settle into a warm bath is the first step toward relaxation, and medical research is uncovering more and more direct connections between emotional stress and physical illness. Reducing stress is a strong component in any wellness program, and it can be especially beneficial to anyone suffering from chronic illness. Warm water is a fantastic, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical way to approach stress reduction.

And then there are the fluffier bits – the atmosphere and the aromatherapy. To call them fluffy is really a bit of a disservice because, again, science is demonstrating that our sense of smell is also closely aligned to our body’s own wellness arsenal. Not only does they directly help with stress reduction, essential oils are also very effective in combating infection and inflammation of all sorts.

Here at DuBunné Spa Club & Massage Centre, we offer a range of bathing rituals designed to help you feel your best while promoting wellness on all levels. Find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062. Pure, warm water is the best way to get and stay healthy all year long. Prefer to instantly make your own appointment? Download our free mobile app available from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.