Tips for Your First Spa Visit

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beautiful woman having hot stone therapy at spa

First trip to the spa? While a spa is there to pamper you and help you achieve optimal wellness, some people are nervous about their first visit – they’re not sure what to do, how to dress, what to bring, etc. Relax! Today we’ll talk about how to make that first visit to the spa stress-free and relaxing.

Book on a calm day. Booking your spa appointment on a day when you have lots to do will just stress you out – instead of relaxing, you’ll be worried about that next meeting. Ideally, choose a day off, or at least one that’s not booked with meetings and appointments.

Special requests. If you have special requests – like if you are more comfortable with a female massage therapist, for example – express those requests when you book. Also, ask about what items you need to bring with you for the services you’ll receive. In most cases, the spa provides the items you need.

Arrive early. Arrive at your appointment with plenty of time to sit down, relax, and fill out first-time visit paperwork. Your spa will provide a comfortable transition from the “outside world” to your spa experience.

Express yourself. The spa experience is designed to help you relax, so don’t be shy about telling your therapist if there is a problem. This includes showing where you have aches and pains, letting the technician know if a bath is too hot, etc.

Enjoy it! Relaxing at the spa is the ultimate in pampering luxury, so enjoy the time you spend there. This is the time to set aside worries – the spa may even help you gain a new perspective on things that have been concerning you.

Take time to wind back up. Try not to go overboard with work after your spa experience as if you’re making up for lost time. Spa treatments are an important part of wellness that will help you function better and more efficiently when you return to work and home, so think of them as required time. Schedule enough time post-spa to gradually return to your full workload.

Relax on your first trip to the spa. Everyone there is dedicated to helping you feel relaxed so you can enjoy your experience. Ready for your spa visit? Make your appointment today for your visit to DuBunnè Spa Club & Massage Centre. Our professional massage therapists and spa service technicians will help you feel relaxed on your journey to wellness. Find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance or call 310.326.9062 to schedule an appointment. To book and manage appointment on your mobile device, download our free DuBunnè mobile app on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.