Treat Yourself to a Mani-Pedi for Healthy, Beautiful Nails

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Hands of a skilled manicurist working on nails of a young woman

A trip to the spa is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Being pampered in a calm and peaceful space helps you unwind and relieve stress, but the spa is not only good for your mental well-being. When you treat yourself to regular mani-pedis you’re also ensuring the health and beauty of your nails, hands, and feet.

A professional manicure goes far beyond a simple trim and polish. Your manicurist pays special attention to the health of your cuticles, skin, and nails and is always on the lookout for potential problems. It’s a multi-step process that involves trimming your nails, filing, exfoliating, moisturizing, providing cuticle care, and may even include a massage.

At DuBunne Day Spa, we take hand and foot care seriously. We would love to pamper you with one of our specialized mani-pedi packages. You can choose a paraffin soak to help heal and protect dry skin, a classic manicure, or even enjoy a tropical retreat with the Tropical Paradise Pedicure. Each package offers a unique experience and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

With your hands and feet smooth and prepped your manicurist will have the perfect canvas for your chosen finish. You might want to give a shellac manicure a try. This manicure uses a polish that lasts 14 days without chipping and no damage to your natural nails.

If you’re ready to whip your nails into shape and keep them that way come see the talented manicurists at DuBunnè Spa Club & Massage Centre. We  are ready to pamper you with an amazingly relaxing experience and beautifully healthy hands, feet, and nails. Give us a call at 310.326.9062 to book your mani-pedi today. You can find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on the go.