Why You Should Wax Year Round

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Beautician Waxing Female Armpit

Winter is our time to relax on our waxing routines, right? You aren’t showing off legs, underarms and bikini lines so who will know if you don’t stay on top of it? We hate to burst the bubble, but you should continue your waxing routine year-round and we’ll share with you why that is.

Your hair grows in stages and by only waxing part of the year it interrupts the progress you’ve made over the summer. By continuing your waxing routine in the winter you’re ensuring you have the chance to take care of it and are ready come bikini time.

It’s less painful if you do it more often. Yep, you read that right. We all know it can be unpleasant and so maybe you think you’ll take a few pain-free months off but that actually makes it more painful when you start again.  Each time you wax you’re weakening the hair root and as you wax more often the hair becomes finer and will be thinner. Take a few months off and it’s like you’re starting over.

The holiday season is coming and unless you’re going to go to parties completely wrapped up like a Christmas present you will want to be ready to bare a little leg or maybe even a sleeveless dress with an evening wrap or shawl. Maintaining your waxing routine will ensure you’re ready to be the belle of the ball.

Healthier skin is something we all want and in the winter months when the air is dry it can be really harsh on our skin. Waxing regularly exfoliates dead skin and increases circulation to the skin’s surface. These benefits lead to beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

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