What You Should Know About Waxing

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Woman getting her legs waxed.

Summer is the most popular season for swimming, beach trips, sundresses — and waxing. If you’ve never experienced waxing before, now is the perfect time to try it out. Waxing results last far longer than shaving. Getting waxed by a professional is also much faster and more precise than trying it yourself. Not completely sold yet? It’s perfectly normal to be nervous or have questions about the service. Luckily the experienced staff at Dubunne is here to make sure you get the ideal first-time waxing experience.

Before your appointment, make sure that you’re prepared. Remember that your hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long in the area you want to wax. Shorter hairs will not be able to stick to the wax. Experts also recommend that you lightly exfoliate the night before. This is to eliminate any excess oils or dead skin. Finally, wear loose-fitting clothes. Your pores will be open after your waxing services. Wearing tight clothing will irritate your skin. So if you’re getting your legs waxed, choose shorts or loose sweatpants over skinny jeans.

The most common question about waxing is usually “How bad will it hurt?” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer because everyone has a different pain tolerance. The good news is that most people greatly overestimate the pain involved. If you have a low pain tolerance, it is okay to take ibuprofen about 30 minutes before your appointment. Don’t worry too much. Your waxer has training to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during the process. It’s like ripping off a bandaid — one that leaves you with smooth, beach-ready skin.

DuBunné Spa Club & Massage Centre offers full body waxing. If you’d like to try waxing, we’d love to walk you through the process so you know exactly what to expect. Find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance, or give us a call on 310.326.9062 to book an appointment. Prefer to instantly make your own appointment? Download our free mobile app available from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.