The Wonderful World of Facials

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First time getting a facial and you don’t know where to start? First, determine what your ultimate goal is; do you want something to refresh your face and make your skin glow before an event, do you want something more in depth like a peel or maybe a pore cleansing treatment? The professionals at Du Bunné Spa Club and Massage Centre can tell you the best options to achieve the results you desire.

Why You Should Get a Facial

As everyone probably knows, it’s a great way to get a deep cleanse but there’s more benefits to facials than that. They can help treat blemishes and the scars that often accompany them, boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development helping you look younger, they promote circulation, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin, open your pores and can even eliminate under eye bags or dark circles. They can make your skin glow and look its best, and who doesn’t want that?

How Often Do You Need One?

This can depend on your skin type, any skin problems you may have and the sensitivity of your skin. Your skin goes through a cycle of growth and exfoliation that generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks. Most people can benefit from monthly facials to keep their skin looking its best. Those with sensitive skin may need to do it a little less often. Your esthetician can help you determine the best frequency for you and your skin.

Time and Money

The average cost of a facial depends on the specific service being performed, the spa and the area where it’s being done. Du Bunné offers a wide range of facials for you to choose from that are sure to fit your busy schedule and your budget. The time ranges from 30 to 80 minutes depending on the service you choose. One thing to remember when it comes to time is not just how long the appointment itself lasts but what, if any, “recovery” time is needed. If you’re wanting to look your best for a special event a chemical peel the day of the event probably isn’t the best idea.

We offer facials and treatments for as low as $20 up to the Red-Carpet treatment for $180. You can also become a member, which is only $20 a month, and save on many of our services and don’t forget to sign up for a special discount for your birthday.

Are you ready to get that youthful glow? There’s no reason to wait! Make an appointment today at DuBunnè Spa Club & Massage Centre for one of our facials. You can find us at 23725 Arlington Avenue in Torrance or give us a call at 310.326.9062 to book an appointment. Prefer to instantly make your own appointment? Try our free mobile app, available for a free download on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.